Three & Multi-Tier Jar Mill
We produce a wide range of multiple tier mills; all are capable of using a wide combination of jars. All are fitted with adjustable idler rollers running on heavy duty ball bearings. All the machines are solidly constructed from fabricated steel with individual drive and control to each tier.
Specifications of Three Tier Jar Mill
  1. Dimensions;- 80" long x 27.5" wide x 60" high
  2. Effective roller length 59"
  3. Roller diameter 2.37"
  4. Roller speed 230 rpm
  5. Drive - Three independent 1.0HP geared motors driving through flexible couplings one to each tier.
Controls: An independent stop/start switch with overload protection is provided to each tier with drive indicator. Safety key locking switch is included in the control panel to ensure only authorized operation. The machine is also fitted with an emergency lock/off stop button situated for easy reach by the operative.
  1. The new Jar Rolling Mills are available with 36", 48" or 60" long rollers.
  2. Up to four tiers can be installed per machine.
  3. Up to five rollers can be installed per tier, allowing up to four rows of jars per tier.
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